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    Pull current and new data from the Specialized Bicycles Web Services using Clients account credentials. Use this information to create new products in a Shopify Account (We will be launching a new Shopify site, not this site). There are many layers of structure to the products that include sub categories and these all need to be created and tied to each product. At the product level many of the items have a Matrix/Variants needs that will need to be created correctly when pushing the data to Shopify. An example would be Shoes. The shoes might have two colors and various sizes. Images for each product will need to be included at the product/color level.

    Product pricing, inventory, etc will also be included. The new API must pull updated info from Specialized daily and update any changes to list price, inventory etc.

    For a general idea of the products we will be selling you can go to www.specialized.com and have a look around.

    I would like the application coded in Python. I will provide programmer access to an AWS account that the app will need to run on.

    Below is a link to the WS documentation for the company we will be pulling the data from. Data from “Product Catalog”, “Product Availability”, “Stock Info”


    I am not including any docs on the Shopify API as those are all posted.

    Please provide me an estimate of time and cost to build this out.


    I will also need someone to create product templates in Shopify for all the products. If that is something you want to do as well let me know.