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    One of the biggest passions and joys we have at RIDE Cyclery is seeing kids on bicycles!  We are very excited to announce the RIDE Recycle Kids Bike Program this Christmas! A program that provides parents a way to purchase a new bicycle for their child at a discounted rate. And provide a child who might not have a bicycle the opportunity to receive one.


    Every parent has one of these laying around in the garage! That bike that has been passed down from child to child and is near the end of its life, or one that was ridden into the ground by that child who rides it ever chance they get. To most, a bicycle like this has lost all its value. You're lucky if you can give it away and someone will take it.


    We recently picked this one on the side of the road with a "Free" tag stuck to it....  

    That Free just became worth $50!!

    Starting Tuesday December 15th through Thursday December 24th RIDE Cyclery will offer you a $50 credit towards the purchase of any new Kids Bicycle in the store when you bring in your old kids bike and drop it off with us!*

    RIDE Cyclery will then refurbish all the bicycles that are given to us and donate them to our local YMCA. The YMCA has a long list of families with needs throughout the County. Giving that bike a new life and a local child one of the greatest gifts a child can get, that joy, independence and freedom only a bicycle can provide.

    RIDE Recycle Kids Bike Program
    *The T&C's behind the program. Limited to one $50 bike credit per new bike purchase, no stacking. Any bike (adult or child) can be dropped off for the credit, however the offer is only good for the purchase of a new Kids Bike (24" or smaller). Offer expires December 24th at close of business (2pm). All individuals dropping off a bicycle for credit will be required to fill out and sign a form with name, address, phone, email,  drivers license number and serial number of the bicycle.