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    Thank you to everyone who applied for the RIDE Triathlon Team powered by Wattie Ink! Applications are now closed. Please follow us on Facebook, Twitter, & Instagram for all the latest news, specials, team events, and possible team openings! 


    RIDE Cyclery has teamed up with Wattie Ink to bring the Party to SoCal! We are very excited to announce SoCals newest Triathlon Team, RIDE Triathlon Team powered by Wattie Ink!

    Representing the team, our sponsors, and the community is what we are about.

    RIDE Triathlon Team will be bringing the party to selected races throughout the year. These races represent an exciting opportunity to support our members, showcase our sponsors' products, and raise awareness for the charitable organizations we support.

    RIDE Triathlon Team members will also have the opportunity to learn from the best in the sport. Two Olympic Athletes will be assisting the Team with training, group rides/runs/swims, tips, eduction, and more. And of course our very own Wattie Ink Pro Heather Jackson will be joining the party whenever she's in the town!