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    56 Bike path through Rancho Santa Fe

    Saturday at 8:00am
    First and third Saturday of every month

    All are welcome on this fun RIDE through North County's rolling hills. This is a B/C RIDE that starts and ends the RIDE as a group.
    We head south along the coast and turn inland just south of Del Mar. The RIDE makes it's way north into the loops of Rancho Santa Fe. After some beautiful views we hit the coast in Solona Beach and head north to the Encinitas RIDE.
    41 Miles
    2,200 ft of elevation
    Estimated time 2.5 hours
    View the route here
    Come join us on Saturday mornings for coffee and muffins before & after the RIDE!

    Mount Soledad South RIDE

    Saturday at 8:00am
    Second Saturday of every month


    Join us for a RIDE down South. With some longer climbs, this is a B group RIDE.

    The group RIDEs towards Torrey Pines. They regroup at the top and descend down to the La Jolla Cove. They make their way to the base of Mt. Soedad and climb, they regroup at the Cross in the park. The group descends, then ascends again up Via Capri for one last time to the park. After some elevation the group RIDEs back down the summit to Torrey Pines and back to the shop.

    45 miles
    3,150 ft of elevation
    Estimated time 3.5 hours


    San Onofre Coastal RIDE

    Saturday at 8:00am
    Fourth Saturday of every month

    Come join us on our RIDE North. All our welcome to a faster flat ride along the coast.

    The Coastal RIDE heads up North with a spin to Camp Pendleton and through base. After exiting the base, they RIDE through the state park. The group turns around just before San Onofre and heads back down to the RIDE Encinitas shop.

    You will need your ID to get through the base.

    63.5 miles
    1,650 ft of elevation
    Average 18 mph
    View the route here

    Stop by the shop after for coffee and bagels.


    Reverse Elfin Forest RIDE

    2nd & 4th Sunday of every month from ENCINITAS RIDE

    Sunday's RIDEs are a true base pace. We keep a consistent pace with no intervals or speed work.

    The group makes it's way through the southern side of Rancho Santa Fe and climbs up Del Dios. They regroup at the top and wind their way to Harmony Grove and Elfin Forest. After coming out of Elfin they regroup at the gas station on the left just before exiting San Marcos. From there they make their way back to the coast down and to the shop.

    43.3 miles
    2,500 ft of climbing
    Estimated time 2.5 hours
    Average 15-16 mph
    View the route here


    Vista Twist


    1st & 3rd Sunday of every month at the CARLSBAD RIDE


    This true base Sunday RIDE leaves from the Carlsbad shop twice a month. 

    The RIDE starts under the chicken and heads up College via Cannon. They wind their way to Old River road and climb up Lilac. They regroup at the top of Lilac and 395. After the remainder of the climb they descend Circle R and climb up Champagne. The group RIDES back through San Marcos and Bressi Ranch to Palomar Airport road and finish on El Camino at RIDE.

    47.5 miles
    3,800 ft of elevation
    Estimated time 3 hours
    15-16mph average

    Sunday Women's RIDE

    Every Sunday morning at 8AM a ladies group ride will be leaving from our Encinitas location. The rides may vary from nice and flat to a nice climbing route as well. Be sure to bring your bottles and food. This is more of a social pace ride. All ladies of different abilities are welcome!