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    We were just notified by Specialized regarding a potential issue with the steering tube collar on a bicycle we have record of you purchasing from us. 

    Please review the attached documentation regarding the voluntary recall by Specialized. 

    Replacement parts are on the way, however they are limited in supply. We encourage you to stop riding your bicycle and bring it in to the shop as soon as possible and leave it with us. Once we receive the parts (within the next few days) we will work on repairing bicycles in the order they are received. 

    You have our sincere apologies!  

    The RIDE Team


    San Onofre RIDE

    San Onofre Coastal RIDE

    Saturday at 8:00am from Encinitas
    Fourth Saturday of every month

    Come join us on our RIDE North. All our welcome to a faster flat ride along the coast.

    The Coastal RIDE heads up North with a spin to Camp Pendleton and through base. After exiting the base, they RIDE through the state park. The group turns around just before San Onofre and heads back down to the RIDE Encinitas shop.

    You will need your ID to get through the base.


    The full RIDE


    The Details

    View / download the route here

    63.0 miles
    1977ft of elevation
    Average 18 mph


    The Efforts

    "RIDE Stuart Mesa Charge"

    The first effort begins about 2 miles after the turn onto Stuart Mesa Rd. at the top of the hill. This effort usually fractures the ride into multiple groups, with the lead group averaging 27+ MPH for the next 5 miles. Not to worry though, everyone regroups at the North gate (under the shelter structure on Las Pulgas Canyon Rd). Some folks turn around at this point and head back to the shop for a shorter ride.


    "RIDE Cyclery - Old Highway (Runway) North"

    The second effort begins once the group passes through the fence and enters the old runway. This is a fairly short effort that ends once we reach the tunnel.


    "San Onofre State Beach Northbound"

    The third effort lasts for the entirety of the San Onofre Bluffs Campground (about four miles). Occasionally, this effort will extend north of the campground and belnd into the fourth effort.


    "Pendleton Ride North Homestretch"

    The fourth effort (and the final effort of the northbound half of the ride) is a sprint past the SONGS power plant to the light at El Camino Real. The sprint typically starts at the base of the hill. 


    "RIDE Cyclery SONGS Southbound"

    After the turnaround point, the group heads south at a moderate pace. Once we reach the campground, the pace picks up a bit after a water stop at the first bathroom station. 


    "Las Pulgas to MACS"

    The final effort starts once we reenter the base at the north gate. Groups will naturally form and travel to the south gate at their own pace. We regroup on the other side of the south gate, and travel back to the shop together. 


    And that's it! See you guys on Saturday for an awesome RIDE!

    Mount Soledad RIDE

    Mount Soledad South RIDE

    Saturday at 8:00am from Encinitas
    Second Saturday of every month


    Join us for a RIDE down South. With some longer climbs, this is a B group RIDE.

    The group RIDEs towards Torrey Pines. They regroup at the top and descend down to the La Jolla Cove. They make their way to the base of Mt. Soedad and climb, they regroup at the Cross in the park. The group descends, then ascends again up Via Capri for one last time to the park. After some elevation the group RIDEs back down the summit to Torrey Pines and back to the shop.


    The full RIDE


    The Details

    View / download the route here

    47 miles
    3,329 ft of elevation
    Estimated time 3.5 hours


    The Efforts

    "Torrey Pines" (mile 8.5 - 10.5)

    This is the first real effort of the Soledad route. The ride is fairly contained/neutral until we reach the base of the Torrey Pines Climb. Some riders choose to hit it early, some wait for a small group to break away, others take it at their own pace. Ultimately, we all regroup at the top (by the traffic light).


    "Muirlands Vista Way_2" (mile 18 - 19.2)

    The second effort of the ride starts once we make the turn on to Muirlands Vista. It really kicks off at the hairpin turn, when the road merges into Muirlands Drive. There is a regroup at the top of this short climb (intersection of Muirlands Dr. and Inspiration Dr.)


    Soledad (Soledad Ave to the Cross)" (mile 22.7 - 24.8)

    This is the hardest effort of the entire ride. Small groups of 2-3 people will naturally form over this effort, while many choose to regroup right before the turn onto Hillside Dr. (the section of closed road, affectionately known as the "dirt path"). However, the effort only truly ends once you reach the cross at the top of the mountain.


    "Rose Canyon Bike Path to UCSD" (mile 30.9 - 33.9)

    This is a group effort, but it can get a little speedy. Keep an eye out for oncoming cyclists and runners. At the end of the bike path we regroup and prepare for the climb up Gilman, one of the last climbs of the ride. It is usually accompanied by a slight tailwind and as a result, this segment can get pretty speedy for some. Keep an eye out for red lights


    "Down Torrey Up Del Mar" (mile 36.2 - 39)

    This is a big, fast descent followed by a punchy climb up to the light at Carmel Valley Road. If the light is green, this effort is extended to Del Mar Heights, which adds another half mile).


    "Mexican Mile (Roberto's to Las Olas)" (mile 43.3 - 44.1)

    A classic. The last official effort of the ride. From here, it's an easy pace back to the shop.


    And that's it! See you guys on Saturday for an awesome RIDE!

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