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    Get your suspension dialed at RIDE Cyclery!

    At RIDE Cyclery we can now dial in your suspension so you can hit the trails just right every time! We offer either a static in store set up or a dynamic tuning which is out on the trails so we can try different options and get you dialled 100%!

    Static setup - $30.00 (free with all new bikes):

    This is a set up completed in store. This level of setup will enable you to ride out of the shop and straight onto the trails without a worrying if everything is the way it should be!

    Dynamic setup - $250.00:

    Dynamic tuning is done on the trail. We have a couple of spots chosen that have optimum conditions for dynamic tuning.
    We start by completing a static setup in store and then we roll out to the designated spot to where we start to hit the trails and start to finely tune your suspension! Once we are on the trails you will be repeatedly riding a segment so you can feel each change that is made and start to understand the difference. We will focus on both rebound and compression during the dynamic tuning whilst also making sure you are well versed in how to set up your suspension just the way you like it when you are on your own!
    The Dynamic tuning takes 2 hours and costs $250.00 per person. We can run this individually or in groups of 3.
    Make the first step towards a happy RIDE today!
     Call to find out more and schedule your appointment today: (760) 632-1500
    All of our suspension setup's will be completed at our Carlsbad store until further notice! 
    RIDE Cyclery Carlsbad, 4901 El Camino Real, Carlsbad, 92008