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    News — Suspension Tuning

    Dynamic Suspension Tuning coming to RIDE Cyclery

    We are stoked to announce that we are bringing Dynamic Suspension Tuning to RIDE Cyclery. This week, Specialized has sent Luke, their suspension guru to guide us on Dynamic Suspension Tuning which will be offering as a new service for our customers.

    Many shops only offer to set shock sag, which is only one element of many in tuning your suspension to suit your riding style and terrain. As part of the service, all new suspension bikes, including hardtails will get a Static Set-Up and customers will be given their baseline settings.

    What takes your suspension set-up to the next level is having it dynamically tuned. We have designated a few local trails to take customers to in order to help them tune their suspension to their riding style and local terrain. Then, one of our trained technicians will head out to the trail to run you and your bike through these sections and tuning your suspension to your tastes to keep your tires connected to the ground. This will allow you to corner with more confidence and roll through sections once though too difficult because of previously incorrect suspension set up.