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    Demo a Cannondale, Win a Giro Helmet and a Pair of Shoes

    We are running this promotion through the end of the year. We have a brand new demo fleet that is ready to RIDE and just need people to RIDE them!  If you are in the market for a new bike or just want to experience what Cannondale has on tap then we are the spot you need to check out. We have Super Six Evo High Mods, Topstone Carbons, and Synapse and Super Six Evo rim brake bikes. 

    Since we have everything, you have no excuse!  Come down for a RIDE and be entered to win by demoing a bike. Sounds pretty rad right? Too good to be true? Its not!

    Also, if you are out on a RIDE on one of the demo bikes and tag BOTH us and Cannondale you will get a second entry. Other than that, there is one entry per customer!

    Thanks, happy RIDEing!

    Keywords: Cannondale, Encinitas


    We were just notified by Specialized regarding a potential issue with the steering tube collar on a bicycle we have record of you purchasing from us. 

    Please review the attached documentation regarding the voluntary recall by Specialized. 

    Replacement parts are on the way, however they are limited in supply. We encourage you to stop riding your bicycle and bring it in to the shop as soon as possible and leave it with us. Once we receive the parts (within the next few days) we will work on repairing bicycles in the order they are received. 

    You have our sincere apologies!  

    The RIDE Team


    San Onofre RIDE

    San Onofre Coastal RIDE

    Saturday at 8:00am from Encinitas
    Fourth Saturday of every month

    Come join us on our RIDE North. All our welcome to a faster flat ride along the coast.

    The Coastal RIDE heads up North with a spin to Camp Pendleton and through base. After exiting the base, they RIDE through the state park. The group turns around just before San Onofre and heads back down to the RIDE Encinitas shop.

    You will need your ID to get through the base.


    The full RIDE


    The Details

    View / download the route here

    63.0 miles
    1977ft of elevation
    Average 18 mph


    The Efforts

    "RIDE Stuart Mesa Charge"

    The first effort begins about 2 miles after the turn onto Stuart Mesa Rd. at the top of the hill. This effort usually fractures the ride into multiple groups, with the lead group averaging 27+ MPH for the next 5 miles. Not to worry though, everyone regroups at the North gate (under the shelter structure on Las Pulgas Canyon Rd). Some folks turn around at this point and head back to the shop for a shorter ride.


    "RIDE Cyclery - Old Highway (Runway) North"

    The second effort begins once the group passes through the fence and enters the old runway. This is a fairly short effort that ends once we reach the tunnel.


    "San Onofre State Beach Northbound"

    The third effort lasts for the entirety of the San Onofre Bluffs Campground (about four miles). Occasionally, this effort will extend north of the campground and belnd into the fourth effort.


    "Pendleton Ride North Homestretch"

    The fourth effort (and the final effort of the northbound half of the ride) is a sprint past the SONGS power plant to the light at El Camino Real. The sprint typically starts at the base of the hill. 


    "RIDE Cyclery SONGS Southbound"

    After the turnaround point, the group heads south at a moderate pace. Once we reach the campground, the pace picks up a bit after a water stop at the first bathroom station. 


    "Las Pulgas to MACS"

    The final effort starts once we reenter the base at the north gate. Groups will naturally form and travel to the south gate at their own pace. We regroup on the other side of the south gate, and travel back to the shop together. 


    And that's it! See you guys on Saturday for an awesome RIDE!