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    News — Mountain Biking

    Carlsbad Sale - Members Only

    Looks like someone gets a customer appreciation special!

    As a thank you for your help through the 2017 year, we'd like to give back a little something to our customers. 

    Enjoy the early door access to our Carlsbad 'Everything Must Go' sale starting Friday, November 17th at 3:00 PM. At up to 70% OFF everything in the store, the good deals are going to be gone quickly, so stop by and check out our store before the main crowds on Saturday.

    Brand new and demo bikes, as well as apparel and accessories like:

    • Cross country and all-mountain machines
    • Road, Cyclocross, and Triathalon bikes
    • Commuters, cruisers, and kids bikes as low as $200
    • Wheels, bars, stems, and more
    • Jerseys, bibs, shorts, and all kinds of apparel

    With our favorite brands from the 2017 year, including:

    • Intense
    • Specialized
    • Felt
    • Zipp
    • Enve
    • Pinarello
    • Borealis
    • And more

     Some of my personal favorite bikes at the sale:



    Thank you again for your support, and lets start closing out the 2017 year at our Carlsbad location on Friday, November 17th from 3:00 PM - 7:00 PM!

    Directions: 4901 El Camino Real, Carlsbad, CA 92008

    See you there!

    Dynamic Suspension Tuning coming to RIDE Cyclery

    We are stoked to announce that we are bringing Dynamic Suspension Tuning to RIDE Cyclery. This week, Specialized has sent Luke, their suspension guru to guide us on Dynamic Suspension Tuning which will be offering as a new service for our customers.

    Many shops only offer to set shock sag, which is only one element of many in tuning your suspension to suit your riding style and terrain. As part of the service, all new suspension bikes, including hardtails will get a Static Set-Up and customers will be given their baseline settings.

    What takes your suspension set-up to the next level is having it dynamically tuned. We have designated a few local trails to take customers to in order to help them tune their suspension to their riding style and local terrain. Then, one of our trained technicians will head out to the trail to run you and your bike through these sections and tuning your suspension to your tastes to keep your tires connected to the ground. This will allow you to corner with more confidence and roll through sections once though too difficult because of previously incorrect suspension set up.

    RIDE Cyclery had a great weekend of racing at Vail Lake!

    Saturday started off as a cold January morning, rolling the RIDE 2U van into the SoCal Endurance 8 Hours of SoCal event at 6:30 AM. The temps ramped up quick as the racers were called up to the starting line.

    When the race started, the temps were perfect and not a cloud in the sky! I was actually able to meet one cyclist I have admired for years, Tinker Juarez! Even at 54, he was out there tearing it up as usual.

    Keith Omundson, a new rider for the Purely Dental/RIDE Cyclery team this season, raced in the 4 Hour Solo/Men's Open Division and finished 2nd! He has been a great addition to the team, also winning at the Dirty 30!

    As the day wore on, the conditions got dustier and dustier. I was working a lot with one of the Purely Dental/RIDE Cyclery riders, Michael Sowinski, as he was racing Solo in the 8 Hour, Masters 50-59 category. Handing off water bottles and keeping them full. Mike ended up finishing 2nd! Congrats Mike!

    Jim Salazar, the manager of the Purely Dental/RIDE Cyclery team was racing the 8 Hour with his 9 year old son, Mason! They did great, completing 8 laps. Juniors better look out, Mason is going to be a force to be reckoned with on the bike.

    Teammate, Eric Wilson, finished a hard fought day just off the podium in 7th in the 8 Hour Solo/Men's Open Division. Great job Eric!

    To close out the day, the Purely Dental/RIDE Cyclery 2-Man Team needed a sub 52 minute lap from Seth Watson to shore up a 4th Place finish, Seth had been working hard all day, but his times had been tailing off on his last couple of laps. As the announcer was calling off the remaining minutes in the 8 Hour race, Seth appeared! He finished with a 50:09! Way to push through Seth!

    All in all, it was a very successful outing and I look forward to a great race season from the Purely Dental/RIDE Cyclery mountain bike team!


    Purely Dental/RIDE Cyclery MTB Team is heading to Vail Lake!

    Tomorrow morning, the Purely Dental/RIDE Cyclery mountain bike team is headed up to Vail Lake for the SoCal Endurance Series 8 Hours of SoCal #1!

    The RIDE 2U van is following the team up to Vail Lake to give our guys some support during the race. We are looking forward to a long day of racing and continuing the successes of last season into 2017. We hope to see you out there!

    Health Fair for RIDE 2U is on the Schedule

    As RIDE 2U works on expanding into Wellness, we have been invited to our first Health Fair at the beginning of February. It is at a small, but well established business in Carlsbad.

    We are looking forward to sharing why we do what we do and how it can improve the lives of others. Our vision of a healthier San Diego by sharing our love of cycling, reducing the hurdles of entering the sport, and talking to and educating our clients about the ways cycling can benefit them in and out of the sport of cycling.