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    Bike Rentals Downtown & The Specialized Alibi!

    Downtown Ride Cyclery is now part of the rentabikenow network!  Offering daily bike rentals with the new Specialized Alibi forming the core of our fleet.

    Bike Rental Downtown San Diego

    The Specialized Alibi received a big redesign for 2017, now coming stock with 'airless' tires that allow a puncture-free/worry-free riding experience (they don't flat!).  The geometry is a step-above a beach cruiser, making it the perfect city-commuter for locals and visitors a like.

    Rentals start at $40 per 24-hour period and include lock and helmet.  You can reserve yours here!

    Bike Rental

    Never want to get a flat again?  Looking to purchase?  Alibis begin around $475 and go up to $650 for a triple-crank, ALL MODELS come with the new 'airless' tires!

    Shoot us a message at Downtown@Ridecyclery.com or Chase@Ridecyclery.com



    Tarmac SL6 Sagan Superstar Edition!

    Check. It. Out.

    Specialized San Diego
    For 2017 Specialized unveiled the Tarmac SL6, a new take on an already iconic frame with a lot of cycling-heritage.  Nearly 200 grams lighter than the SL5 (that translates to almost 20%), clearance for 30mm tires and direct-mount brakes, the new SL6's performance is as good as its aesthetics.  More aero and compliant than the prior generation, us here at RIDE feel these changes particularly in hard efforts and short sprints. 

    Specialized Bikes San Diego

    One of the only shops in the country to receive one - the Sagan SL6 Superstar Edition - our RIDE Cyclery Downtown Mechanic/Manager, Jose Leyva, took the opportunity to build-up a bike worthy of the World Champion!

    S-Works carbon bars, Zipp stem, the latest from Cane Creek/ee cycleworks in direct-mount brakes, coupled with a full SRAM Red E-Tap groupo & Zipp 303 NSW's brought this build in just around 13.10lbs! 

    Direct Mount Brakes

    This complete build will set you back a cool $12500, the frame retailing for $4250.

    Until then, it'll be on display at Ride Cyclery - Downtown

    • S-Works Tarmac SL6 Superstar Edition Frameset (FACT 12r Carbon)
    • S-Works Carbon Shallow Road Bar
    • Zipp SL Speed Road Stem
    • SRAM Red E-Tap Groupo + Crankset
    • Front/Rear ee cycleworks Direct Mount Brakes.
    • Challenge Paris-Roubaix Handmade Open Tubular Tires
    • Zipp 303 NSW wheelset

    Pinarello F10 #MyWay!

    New for 2017, Pinarello now allows riders of all levels to design the bike of their dreams via Pinarello My Way!  Through a multitude of different colors and accents, the tool allows the imagination to run wild and design the Pinarello F10/F8 or KAS of your dreams!

    The finished product can be shared with your friends via social media or in this case one of our customers took the extra step in making her dream a reality!







    Pinarello San Diego
    Pinarello San Diego
    Pinarello San Diego


    Want a closer look?  Swing by our Downtown location to see it in person before it's built up and shipped off to its happy owner!

    Specialized Tarmac SL6 + San Diego Velodrome!

    The Specialized Tarmac SL6 has landed!  Lighter & stiffer than previous generations of this iconic bike, RIDE Cyclery is taking pre-orders now for frames as well as completes with delivery expected between September - October!  Click here to check them out!

    Also, the San Diego Velodrome has OFFICIALLY RE-OPENED with racing every Tuesday & Friday Night!  Not certified to race?  Need a bike?  Information about the certification classes can be found here while you can check-out some of our clearance track bikes here!

    Here are some pictures from the recent Tuesday & Friday Night Racing courtesy of Jarly Cabuco!

    San Diego Track Cycling

    San Diego Track Cycling

    San Diego Track Cycling

    San Diego Track Cycling

    San Diego Track Cycling

    San Diego Track Cycling

    San Diego Track Cycling

    San Diego Track Cycling

    Riding in the Rain: What You Need To Know

    Living in San Diego is the closest most of us will get to paradise.  With near perfect weather year-round and sunshine, it doesn't get much better!  However even Southern California can be prone to a few wet spats every now and then.

    Riding in the rain can be quite exhilarating.  Rain can lead to a heightened cycling experience as more of your senses are engaged, however it can also make your day-to-day commute into a terrifying, frustrating endeavor if you’re not prepared.  Here a couple of things you should know before riding in the rain:

    Your chances of getting a flat increases.
    Riding in the increases your chances of experiencing a puncture.  The reason for this is the water can act as a lubricant for those tiny pieces of rock and or glass that may otherwise bounce off your tire.  Likewise, small pieces of road debris tend to stick to wet rubber easier, so those same tiny pieces hang onto your wheel longer giving them extra time to dig in.

    Suggestion: Purchase more flat-resistant tires with extra tread, the Specialized Armadillo All-Condition is an excellent option.

    You’re going to get really, really dirty.

    Riding in the rain tends to leave your bike as well as yourself extra dirty.  This is because the rain can bring up oil residue that normally lays dormant on the tarmac, being kicked up onto your legs and hindquarters as your ride over it.  A pair of fenders and or ‘Asssaver’ can help lessen the dirt (and help keep you dry).

    Suggestion: For occasional rain riding, an Ass-Saver is an excellent investment.  For regular riding in the rain a pair of fenders may be justified.   

    Layer up!
    If you’re going to go out riding in the rain, you’ll want to layer up.  Any article of clothing that gets wet is unlikely to dry and subsequent wind-resistance from riding can render your ride quite frigid.  A water-resistant jacket over your regular jersey, booties, and or water-resistance bottoms are highly advisable if you’re planning a prolonged ride in the rain.

    Suggestion: The Deflect Jacket from Specialized is an excellent and packable option.  It is both wind and water-resistant, however it won’t survive a heavy downpour (why are you riding in a heavy downpour?).  Booties are likewise recommended to prevent water pooling in your shoes.

    Cap it!
    Cycling caps aren’t just for hipsters.  Cycling caps feature shorter brims than traditional covers and are perfect for wearing beneath a helmet.  The cap will not only work to keep your head dry, but the brim will channel water away from streaming down your face which in a heavy rain can be quite blinding.  


    Suggestion: Choose a cap you’re likely to wear!  I like these from Tenspeed Hero!