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    News — Las Pulgas

    The weather looks like it's clearing up

    After yesterdays storm kept most if not all cyclists off the roads and trails, today's forecast is much drier giving you the opportunity to get out and shake your legs off after a rough week with unusually heavy rain for San Diego.

    Due to high winds, we decided to cancel our shop rides, but RIDE 2U is available and staged up at the Las Pulgas gate of Camp Pendleton. Hopefully, I will see some of you out there today. I will be there from 9AM to Noon.

    This has become a standard location for the RIDE 2U van to post up at on rotating Saturdays. We are updating our website and the RIDE 2U page will soon reflect our regular weekend locations so you can plan accordingly.

    Spending time at the Las Pulgas Entrance at Camp Pendleton today

    Today started off calm with a few drops of rain, then cleared. When I first set up, there was a light breeze and it was warming up. This is our first weekend at the Las Pulgas Entrance to Camp Pendleton.

    It has been great to see so many riders swing through and say Hi!

    It has cooled off quite a bit from this morning after the wind started to pick up. As I pack up here, I am going to spend the second half of the day at Calavera in Carlsbad.